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Southern Cruisers Riding Club "Lake Country"   Texas, Chapter

Welcome to the Southern Cruisers "Lake Country Chapter" web site.

Fannin, Hunt, Van Zandt, Wood, Rains, Hopkins, Franklin, Titus, Red River, Lamar, Delta, and Portions of Henderson,Smith and Upshur Counties

Rules Of The Club

The rules of the club are simple:
Ride safe, and don't give the club a bad name. This means no illegal activities will be tollerated  at any time. Other than that, membership is easy. The benefits of joining are well worth it. Here are some reasons to join:

No Tasks To Perform
No Commitments
No Mandatory Meetings

Where else can you join a club that doesn't care what type of bike you ride, and doesn't ask you to pay a fee every year just to say your a member? Meetings will be held, but attendance is not required. Most all meetings will be held for the benefit of the members, to see what kind of things that you want to do with the club. So what are you waiting on? Join NOW!!!

"Please do not join just because its FREE. If your serious and want to ride, join up and lets start riding!"

Online Application


The National Page of the Southern Cruisers offers an online store for showing your club pride. Available in the store is a variety of items, including T-Shirts, Vest Pins, Ball Caps, Belt Buckles, and many other things. Also available with membership include a patch for your vest or jacket, and rocker patches that indicates what chapter you are in. Purchase is not required to be a member of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club. Follow the link below!

Go To Online Store

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Last updated was 04/18/01